Self-Management for Kids

Programs for Parents, Teachers, and Kids

Our Self-Management for Kids program covers training for parents, teachers and children. 

        Our parent education programs provide adults with the skills necessary to 
        guide children towards success.

Our teacher training workshops motivate teachers to learn and use the self-management tools in the classroom.

        Students in the Self-Management for Kids program learn life skills needed
        to make everyday living meaningful, successful and joyous.  Each lesson teaches
        one principle of self-management while promoting respect for oneself and
        others, self-discipline, self-motivation and self-evaluation.

Parenting Programs
Today’s Challenges for Parents

We live in a world of changing ideas, changing technology and changing job conditions. Parents may have little time to help their children succeed in school. In addition, they may not have the skills to create a safe environment, to teach children to take responsibility for their behavior, to handle their feelings, to take care of their bodies, to enjoy school, to encourage them to do their homework, and to learn to get along with others in and out of the family. They need help and support.

Our Programs

Our sessions provide adults with the skills, tools and vocabulary needed to guide children into self-management behavior.

We offer single or series of workshops. Each of our ten workshops, in English or Spanish, can be presented to parents in the morning, afternoon or evening during the school year. Parents who attend at least 8 of the workshops are awarded a Certificate from the school and from us.

Every workshop is divided into two parts: Group and Individual.

The Group Session (two hours) includes learning activities, discussions, and time for questions and answers. Parents get a chance to practice self-management skills in the workshop before using them at home. Participants receive handouts that can be reviewed at home with their families. Some schools like to involve the students in some of these workshops.

Individual Sessions (one and a half hours) are held at the end of the workshop. This time is dedicated to parents, guardians, and families who want to discuss individual issues. Teachers can refer families of children who are experiencing self-management problems.

Please contact us for a list of topics and to discuss program costs. Our professional fees can be arranged to fit your school’s budget.

Teacher Training Workshops

Our in-services for teachers provide a review on how to integrate the principles of good self-management into the classroom. They are designed to fit the needs of each grade level.

Programs for Students,
Kindergarten to 5th Grade

Our lessons help students acquire life skills by practicing self-management techniques.

Our sessions are interactive, respectful and fun. We use stories, role playing and energy games to allow children to express themselves, listen to and help others, make good choices, manage their attitudes, and handle their anger.

The collection of chapter books, The Adventures of Elly and Tigy, reviews the concepts learned in the classroom. They encourage imagination, they build awareness and they improve thinking skills.

Self-Management Results

We have presented our Self-Management for Kids program (in English and Spanish) to students in low-income elementary schools especially in the Montebello (CA) Unified School District (just east of Los Angeles) and in other districts.

 In schools with Self-Management for Kids, the learning climate dramatically changes. Classroom management becomes easier. Teachers report an increase in student attentiveness and participation. Homework is handled easily by all who consider themselves self-managers. Put-downs and bullying are significantly reduced. Principals report seeing fewer ‘rule-breakers’ in their offices. 

It is a joy to walk into a schoolyard and see children playing happily and peacefully. It is exciting and touching to be in a classroom filled with children who enjoy their work and who help each other. These are some of the results of Self-Management for Kids.

In summary, Self-Management for Kids has helped to create changes in school behavior and culture. It has contributed to the successes of schools. In addition to changing behaviors in school and at home, all of the schools with the program have substantially increased their annual test scores.

Special Awards

These schools received special awards after the Self-Management for Kids program was implemented. 

Montebello Gardens Elementary School
was honored by the National Center for Urban School Transformation as one of twelve schools in the nation which have demonstrated exemplary gains in student performance. After our program, Montebello Gardens student attendance rates were over 92% and their school’s state assessment scores were higher than the state average and among the top ten percent of schools serving comparable populations of students.

Potrero Heights Elementary School received recognition from the California Department of Education as a California Distinguished School.

For more information, please contact:

    María Escudé Reifler


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